hero edge EFB technology
What is EFB Technology?

Developed by Exide in partnership with major European car manufacturers, the EFB battery combines 3DX Grid plates with higher-density active material and additives. The plate is contained in a polyethylene envelope and combined with a polymath inlay, increasing cyclability.

EFB is specifically designed for small to mid-sized vehicles with Start-Stop, regenerative braking and other powerful fuel-saving features.



The latest EFB generation approved by car manufacturers, offers a lot of benefits:

  • High charge acceptance over life of battery
  • 3 times higher cycle life
  • Optimized for partial state of charge operations
  • Ideal for small to mid-sized cars with Start-Stop and other fuel-saving features
  • High-level safety features
  • Optimal operation in engine compartment
  • Latest generation approved by car manufacturers
  • Great car parc coverage from a limited number of SKUs
  • Long shelf life
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