Carbon Boost®
Carbon Boost
What is Carbon Boost® technology?

Carbon Boost® technology makes battery recharging up to 1.5 times faster, due to Exide’s proprietary application of carbon additives on the negative plates.

During discharge, non-conductive sulphate particles progressively cover the negative plates, isolating them from the electrolyte. This means much of the energy intended for recharging is needed to dissolve the sulphate, which makes charging less efficient. The high-surfaced carbon additives provide superior conductivity and dissolve the sulphate particles much faster. This makes charging more efficient and reduces the risk of breakdowns.

Carbon Boost



  • Top charge acceptance: charges 1.5 times faster than batteries without Carbon Boost®
  • Extreme weather: Carbon Boost® is ideal for harsh climates and the challenges of urban driving
  • Original Equipment: Carbon Boost® technology meets OE requirements.
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