Director Compensation

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The Compensation and Nominating Committee is responsible for recommending compensation arrangements for Directors and committee members. On an annual basis, the Compensation and Nominating Committee should review the status of Board compensation relative to a peer industry survey group. Changes in director compensation, if any, should come at the recommendation of the Compensation and Nominating Committee but with discussion and approval by the Board.

Board Membership Criteria

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The Board seeks a diverse group of candidates who possess the background, skills and expertise to make a significant contribution to the Board, to the Company and to its stockholders. A Director need not be a stockholder of the Company at the time of his or her initial election, a resident of the State of Delaware or a citizen of the United States. The Board should endeavor to look for candidates who demonstrate the following qualities:


Composition of Board of Directors

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Size of the Board. As required by the Company’s governing documents (and, including, the Stockholders Agreement), the Board consists of not less than seven (7) directors (“Directors”) nor more than ten (10).

Exide Technologies Corporate Governance Guidelines - As a September 29, 2015

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One of the most important corporate objectives of Exide Technologies (the “Company”) is to engage in those business activities that enhance the value of the enterprise to the Company’s stockholders. To achieve this objective, the Company also considers the interests of its employees, customers, suppliers, and creditors, as well as the interests of the communities in which the Company operates.

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