Exide Technologies Conquers Cold Storage with New Motive Power Battery

New GNB® Marathon® Subzero® increases runtime by 53% over conventional batteries 

Chicago, Illinois – (April 8, 2019) – Exide Technologies (www.exide.com) announced today at ProMAT 2019 the launch of its GNB Marathon Subzero battery designed to meet the specific demands of cold-storage applications. GNB Marathon Subzero batteries are durable and outperform conventional batteries in both runtime and lifespan in cold environments (39°F/4°C and below).

“Our customers using GNB Marathon Subzero batteries are experiencing increased runtimes by up to 53 percent, at a temperature of nine degrees Fahrenheit, compared to conventional batteries,” said Ted Becker, President, Exide Americas. “The result of fewer battery changes translates to a higher volume of materials moved per hour, which in turn raises productivity and lowers the total cost of ownership.”

GNB Marathon Subzero is a military-grade engineered battery that was initially designed to withstand the rigors of deep-sea work and to handle the most severe applications in the harshest conditions. Its unique use of Tensor® technology to incorporate copper for negative grid materials, replacing the lead used in conventional batteries, equips Marathon Subzero with enhanced conductivity. This benefit of low-resistance allows for both fast and opportunity charging, making this battery the optimal choice for customers’ cold-storage material handling needs.

GNB Marathon Subzero batteries are currently available in the following popular sizes.

  • 18-125-17 – 990 Ah and 38.31”L x 19.88”W x 30.5”H
  • 12-85-13 -  500 Ah and 30.44”L x 12.96”W x 25.25”H
  • 12-10-13 – 640 Ah and 30.44”L x 12.69”W x 30.75”H

Stop by the GNB Industrial Power Booth #S647 to learn more about the GNB Marathon Subzero batteries or visit https://www.exide.com/us/en/MarathonSubzero.


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