mobile edge AGM technology
What is AGM Technology?

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology batteries are a type of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery that use a material manufactured from very fine glass fibers. The AGM material acts as a separator between the positive and negative plates and as a sponge to hold the sulphuric acid electrolyte. The plates are compressed for superior electrical performance to conventional flooded technology.

Instead of the conventional polyethylene separator, the plates of AGM batteries are enveloped with a glass mat that absorbs the electrolyte and maintains direct contact with the plate’s active material. This greatly enhances both discharge and recharge efficiency, resulting in high performance engine starting and high cycle capabilities. The physical bond between the battery components and the container makes AGM spill-proof and the most resilient battery to vibrations and tilting at high inclinations.

The new LifeGrid® technology, combined with high-capillarity glass mat separators, advanced lead-tin alloys and unique carbon additives in the active mass, provides consistent power and even longer battery life.

AGM can be used for Start-Stop cars with regenerative braking and coasting, and as a high-endurance starter battery for utility and emergency light vehicles. Other applications include off-road, motorbikes and marine/leisure.



• Top charge acceptance 

• Higher energy throughput over battery lifespan thanks to new LifeGrid® technology

• Optimised for partial state of charge operations

• Ideal for large cars, SUVs, vans and vehicles with Start-Stop and power-hungry electrical equipment

• Top-level safety features and absolutely no free acid

• Recombinant VRLA (valve regulated)

• Latest generation approved by car manufacturers • Great car parc coverage from a limited number of SKUs

• Long shelf life