EXIDE® Orbital® AGM Automotive Deep Cycle

Extreme Demands, Demand Extreme Solutions.™ Demanded by serious car-audio enthusiasts and low riders everywhere, this battery is high tech, spiral wound, and sealed to handle the toughest audio applications with style. High performance audio vehicles often have one starting battery and one or more deep cycle batteries for energy-hungry audio amplifiers, CDs, DVDs, VCRs and game players. The state-of-the-art technology in the XCD is also ideal for SUVs with winches, hydraulic pumps and other power-hungry accessories.

Spiral Wound AGM

  • Advanced spiral wound cell design delivers superior performance and durability.

Spill Proof*

  • Sealed valve-regulated battery is non-spillable and can be mounted upright or on its side in your car.

Deep Cycle

  • The XCD battery provides unparalleled deep cycle power for the most demanding automotive applications.

Vibration Resistant

  • Highly absorbent glass mat separators provide cushioning for better vibration resistance.

Reserve Capacity (RC)

  • Increased reserve capacity (RC) minutes to operate audio equipment, DVDs, hydraulic pumps and other accessories. Features RC ratings of up to 100 minutes.

Maintenance Free*

  • Sealed maintenance-free design.

18-MONTH FREE REPLACEMENT                                      

* Under Normal Operating Conditions.