Automated Guided Vehicles

Supplying Power For Automated Use 

GNB batteries give automated and automatic robots their get up in go, helping move materials and perform other functions to help out their human counterparts. Our selection of premium batteries makes sure they are always up to the task.

Sonnenschein EPzV

Easy care battery - maintenance free (no topping up) Cell capacities: 110 Ah up to 720 Ah

Sonnenschein EPzV BS

Easy care battery - maintenance free (no topping up) Cell capacities: 122 Ah up to 340 Ah


TENSOR – Power that pays. The increasing demands of modern trucks require batteries which comprise high performance and energy efficiency. Based on many years extensive experience of producing high performance batteries (e.g. for submarines), GNB has now developed the next generation of lead-acid batteries.

Sonnenschein GF-V

VRLA Gel Block batteries – The reliable partner to drive your business Nominal capacities: 50 - 160 Ah (12V) 160 - 240 Ah (6V)

Sonnenschein M

Discover the latest innovation from GNB® Industrial Power - Sonnenschein M, [roman: M = thousand] the first gel block battery offering 1,000 cycles. The Sonnenschein M features significant improvements in cyclic endurance which helps reducing your operating costs.

2100 HP

The 2100 HP range provides the latest technology, reliability, safety, ease of handling and optimal charge for standard flooded, low maintenance flooded and maintenance-free valve regulated batteries.

2100 LP

The 2100 LP range provides modern charging technology at the best price.

2100 OP

Incorporating the latest concepts, these on-board high frequency chargers for standard flooded, low maintenance flooded and maintenance free valve regulated batteries, ensure reliability, safety, ease of use and optimal charging.

2100 SP

The compact high frequency 2100 SP charger range is particullary efficient for small electric vehicle such as cleaning machines and pallet trucks.

Sonnenschein Lithium

The intelligent Energy Storage System that maximizes your productivity


MARATHON Classic EPzS / EPzB batteries are the ideal energy source for all material handling applications. They can also supply cleaning machines and tow tractors as well as mobile lifting platforms, electric road vehicles and electric/hybrid boats with the energy and the cycle life they require.


The FT block battery range is designed for applications in harsh environments such as golf carts, cleaning machines, mobile elevating work platforms and electric elevating platform trucks.

drysafe RECUP

VRLA AGM Spiral Wound Block battery Nominal capacity: 45 Ah (12V) 22 Ah (6V)