Human Resources




Miguel, tell us about your experience at Exide.

I joined the company in 2007 as HR Specialist for the Compensation and HR Technology Department. I soon got in charge of Compensation matters, such as the control of European Sales Incentive Plan processes. Also at that time, the Company launched a Global HR Project, and I was appointed as the Project Manager for Spain. When we came to the phase 2 of this project, I was designated as the HRMS Specialist to provide support to all HR teams worldwide.

What do you value most in the Company?

The big O: opportunities. In Exide, if you are eager to work and contribute to the team, you are granted with fantastic chances to develop yourself, learn and grow. I have had the privilege of getting deep into multicultural teams, working closely with people all around the world, and learning fast when coordinating the support for the European Works Council meetings, for example. I have also been part of an international team focused on Communication. I see my friends and people I know not having such possibilities, and I realize how I could get more mature in a sophisticated and complex environment. Exide helped me develop my skills and learn a lot. That's something I'm quite grateful about. How about yourself?

Tell us how you like to spend your private life.

I need to keep contact with my beloved ones, so I get every chance to meet my family and friends. Besides this, I spend my time with some social voluntary work, once a week, and I also save time for reading and writing: I have published two books so far, and more to come.

What would you tell to someone looking for a job at Exide?

I would say that you definitely must try hard. Joining Exide may provide you with some things that change your life in many senses. I don’t think you can easily find many Companies with such respect for diversity, where you can put your initiative into practice and where you feel the advantages of a great team next to you.

Thanks, Miguel!