Motorcycle and Sport Batteries

Exide Bike batteries are designed for a full range of power sport applications, including motorcycles; scooters; quads (four-wheelers or all-terrain vehicles); personal watercraft and snowmobiles; small tractors and utility/garden vehicles; and riding lawnmowers. 
The Exide Bike line consists of three tiers delivering increasing levels of performance and technological innovation. They are designed to meet the needs of a variety of users — from the value-conscious to the discriminating premium buyer. 
The line is designed to deliver reliable starting power, more flexible installation options, and longer life than traditional designs.

Exide Factory Sealed

Exide Factory Sealed battery and its AGM-GEL technology wholly sealed guarantee more safety. Maintenance free, its use is practical and simple, and its life time is longer than a conventional battery.

Exide Maintenance Free

Exide Maintenance Free battery and its AGM technology are maintenance free and have a longer lifetime.

Exide Conventional

Exide Conventional battery is dedicated to a standard mechanical type with classic use conditions.