EXIDE® MegaCycle™ AGM 200

Worry-free Time On The Water Exide knows the importance of worry-free time on the water and has your answer – the Exide MegaCycle AGM 200 marine battery. The MegaCycle AGM-200 withstands the pounding waves and holds a charge longer for a fuller life, which means yours will be too.

Spill Proof*

  • Non-spillable – allows orientation on battery side (inverted not recommended).


  • With up to 1110 MCA, this battery has the right starting power when you need it.

Maintenance Free*

  • Sealed maintenance-free design with no free flowing electrolytes.

Deep Cycle

  • Active material support by AGM separators allows for improved cyclability over flooded product – At least 2X greater cycling ability at moderate depth of discharge levels (SAE j2185) and 3.4X greater cycling ability at deep discharge levels.

Reserve Capacity (RC)

  • Provides deep cycle and starting power for high energy requirements in larger marine vessels, recreational vehicles and for other specialty applications including low-riders, mobility equipment and sump pumps.

Vibration Resistant

  • Rigid element compression by AGM separators allows for over 14X the vibration protection of a heavy duty, anchor-bonded product, and over 14X the vibration protection compared to a standard product.
  • Rigid polypropylene case/cover protects against wave pounding vibration for longer life.



  • Low impedance design allows for 40% greater charge acceptance rates over a flooded design, allowing quicker recharge capability.
  • Low self discharge rates allow for 30% greater shelf life than flooded types.
  • Over the top handle allows for easy installation and folds out of the way after installation.
  • Stainless steel threaded And SAE Posts provide ease of installation and permit uncluttered wiring harness for electrical connections.

*Under normal operating conditions


Download MegaCycle™ Product Brochure

Download Exide Marine Battery Care and Maintenance Manual